Instituut voor Onofficieel Onderzoek naar de Taal en Cultuur van Polen

IOOCTP was founded in a ‘being John Malkovic’-like space at Theaterstraat in januari 2013. Ambassadors Annefleur Schep and Lisa Skwirblies decided to institutionalise their fascination for Polish culture which they had obtained during several travels through this marvellous country. Since it’s founding, the institute is in the constant process of reaching out to the wide Polish community in the Netherlands and abroad. It is already well connected with other Polish cultural institutions such as DOM POLSKI, THE EMBASSY OF THE POLISH REPUBLIC IN THE NETHERLANDS and  THE SLAVIC DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM.  Also IOOTCP is collaborating with the Amsterdam based platform Anthropologists in Art (AIA).

IOOTCP is here to inform you about Polish culture. The institute organises CULTURAL NIGHTS that each revolve around typicial Polish themes, for example: JUNGLE, THE LETTER, DEEP WATERS and THE PATH. Why are these Polish themes? It takes us a cultural night to explain!


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So, who are these ambassadors?

ANNEFLEUR SCHEP  has studied both Theatre-studies at the University of Amsterdam and theatre-performing at Amsterdamse Toneelschool- en Kleinkunstacdemie. Since her graduation in 2009 she has been performing in plays made by others and by herself. Since 2013 she commits herself to her work as an ambassador at IOOTCP.

LISA SKWIRBLIES studied Theatrestudies at Ludwig-Maxilians University in Munich and is currently a PhD. candidate at the School for Theatre and Performancestudies at the University of Warwic. She combines her work as an Ambassador of IOOTCP with teaching dance dramaturgy at AHK and being a member of the board of the Utrecht SPRING Festival.

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Yours truly,

the Ambassadors of IOOTCP